How Warm-Up Works and Why it's Important ?

The warmup functionality mimics human conversations between email accounts.

Think of it as you emailing back and forth with your friends - on autopilot.

In this case, your 'friends' are GoZen Growth users who have enabled the warmup option.

You may be confident that all of them will open your email and that a large number will respond with a 'thoughtful' positive emotion.

The GoZen Growth algorithm's emails confirm the legitimacy of your email account and domain to Google, Outlook, and other email service providers.

This increases the possibility that messages sent to cold leads in your outreach campaigns will arrive in their inbox and be opened and replied to.​

Bottom line, the warming will increase the deliverability of your cold email accounts by simulating human conversations in the GoZen Growth user pool.

When you connect a sending account to GoZen Growth, it warms up both your SMTP sending server and your IMAP servers.

In addition to the deliverability benefits, your outreach email accounts will last longer, and the likelihood of 'burning' through an account is greatly reduced.

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