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Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics
With GoZen, you can keep track of your campaign engagement. It provides you an overview of all the insights of your campaign.
  • Navigate to Outreach and select the campaign to which you like to track progress.
  • Click View Progress.
First, you will see on your campaign analytics is your contact engagement : Total, Open rate, Clicked Rate, Abused Report Rate.
Total : Total number of emails sent.
Open Rate : The percentage of recipients who opened your email out of all the recipients who received it.
Clicked rate : The percentage of recipients that clicked a link in your email.
Abused report rate : The percentage of recipients who reported your email as spam.
Below that you will find the sections. Top engaged contacts, Top Clicked links. Browse stats.
Top engaged contacts : This report Displays the percentage of contacts who opened and clicked the email’s link.
Top clicked links : Displays your top clicked links in the email
Browse stats : Displays their browser's name as well as the percentage of usage.