Email Warm Up Accounts

Email warm-up account is a smart strategy to improve email deliverability, increase open and engagement rates, and maintain a positive sender reputation. By taking the time to gradually build trust with ESPs, you can maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and achieve better results.

By using an email warm-up account, you can avoid these issues and enjoy several benefits:

  1. Improved Deliverability: Sending a small number of emails initially allows you to establish a positive sender reputation. As you gradually increase the sending volume, ESPs recognize your account as legitimate and trustworthy, leading to higher deliverability rates.

  2. Higher Open and Engagement Rates: When your emails land in the recipients' primary inbox instead of the spam folder, there is a greater chance of them being opened and read. This increases the likelihood of recipients engaging with your content, clicking on links, and taking desired actions.

  3. Enhanced Email Reputation: A warm-up account helps you build a strong email reputation over time. As you consistently send relevant and valuable content to your subscribers, ESPs recognize your account as a reputable sender, resulting in improved email deliverability.

  4. Reduced Risk of Blacklisting: Sending a large volume of emails from a new account without warming it up can trigger spam filters and lead to blacklisting. By gradually increasing your sending volume, you minimize the risk of being flagged as a spammer and maintain a good sender reputation.

  5. Optimal Email Marketing Performance: An email warm-up account ensures that your email marketing campaigns start off on the right foot. By establishing a positive sender reputation from the beginning, you set the stage for successful email marketing efforts, including higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

How Does Email Warm Up Work.

The primary goal of email warm-up is to avoid triggering spam filters and to ensure that your emails reach recipients' inboxes instead of being marked as spam or being blocked altogether. By starting with a small volume of emails and gradually increasing it, you give ISPs the opportunity to monitor your sending behaviour and recognise it as legitimate, which improves your email deliverability rates over time.

What we do

  • We connect users who opt-in for warm-up.

  • Send an email from your account to another user's account.

  • Monitor the deliverability, and if it lands in spam, we will put it back in your inbox.

  • We mark that email as read.

  • Sometimes marks are important.

We have lots of users, and by doing this, a large audience [our users] will mark your emails as not spam. Eventually, the ISP will treat your emails as not spam, even when some people mark them as spam.

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