Difference Between Outreach and SMTP

Outreach: In outreach campaigns, emails are typically sent from the GoZen server.

SMTP: SMTP allows emails to be sent straight from your own email account.It may not be associated with your personal or business email account, which you use on a regular basis. This means that the emails are sent from an address that recipients are likely to recognise or have previously engaged with, which increases the email's trustworthiness.

Sending Cold Emails to Unknown Contacts:

Outreach campaigns normally target established connections or leads.

Smart campaigns that use SMTP allow you to send cold emails to unknown recipients without relying on existing connections. Because the emails are sent directly from your own SMTP, they appear more personalised and manually sent, which increases the likelihood of participation.You may improve the efficiency of your cold email outreach by utilising advanced sending patterns such as staggered sending times or personalised content.

Tracking and Control:

With both outreach campaigns and SMTP-based smart campaigns, you have the ability to track recipient engagement, such as opens, clicks, and replies.However, smart campaigns that use SMTP provide you more control over the campaign. For example, if you receive unexpected answers or negative feedback from recipients or their companies, you can immediately stop the campaign to avoid additional communication to such contacts. This level of control enables you to handle your email campaigns more efficiently and respond to recipient comments in real time.

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