How to set up filtering for Warmup Emails?

All emails sent from our system include a single underlying tag in the email body that you may use to filter emails.

The [IWE] tag in the subject lines for Warmup emails is now replaced with a unique 7-digit tag that will be inserted into the subject line and email body.

Every user will receive a unique tag for each workspace.

Find your warmup tag in your settings and be sure to change any inbox filters you've configured.

How to set up a warmup filter for Gmail:

Step 1:

a. Open the warmup settings for any of your accounts (the warmup tag is the same for all the accounts connected to a workspace). Copy the 7-digit tag.

b. Create a new folder/label called "GoZen Growth Warmup" in your mail account with your ESP.

c. Create a filter for any email that hits your inbox AND contains the 7-digit tag in the subject line and body to be marked as read and moved to archive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We only want to filter out emails that hit the inbox and NOT the spam inbox. Any email that hits the spam inbox, we automatically move back to the inbox.

Step 2:


a. Create a folder called "Warmup"

b. Set up a filter like this:

  • "Subject" and "Include the words" is where you put your warmup tag. Click "Create filter" for the settings to open.

  • Then set the filtering as per below and apply the "Warmup" label that you created earlier.

c. Hit Create Filter.


To create a filter in Outlook, go to Rules:

In the condition select Subject or body includes, and enter your warmup tag.

Add two actions - one to mark the email as read, and the second to move to the GoZen Warmup folder. If this folder does not exist, create a new one.

Click on Save.

To run this rule, click the triangle icon "Run this rule now" in the Rules section.

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